Teach you how to judge the quality of LED transparent screen

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Led transparent screen has been sold in full swing, and led transparent screen manufacturers have been everywhere from few to now. How to judge the quality of LED transparent screen? Some people say that the quality of the box can be roughly judged by the appearance. Est-ce vrai? At present, the transparent LED panels produced by many manufacturers are similar. Even if the appearance is different, the structural principle is the same, such as circuit board, lamp beads, wire, etc. If we find a good transparentLED display screenwith our fire eye real gold, Xiaobian will give a brief introduction here:

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1. Compare the brightness, stick the acrylic plate close to the same number of modules, and then slowly increase it for a short distance to see whether the brightness of the lamp beads can meet their own requirements. Of course, it is more direct to put the module directly in the word. The higher the brightness, the higher the requirements for the lamp beads, and the Chen Ben is also relatively high. Low brightness can be used in pure indoor environment, but if it is a window led transparent screen or LED glass curtain wall screen, it is required to be a bright LED transparent screen.

2. While watching the brightness, pay attention to whether the light of the lamp beads is uniform. When observing the white light, be sure to pay attention to whether there is color difference (this is very important) - if you cover it with a thin white paper, you may not be able to observe it, so use a certain thickness of acrylic. Whether there is color difference is the most important part to distinguish the quality, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent screen.

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3. Wire identification. High quality wire rod has passed UL certification. The manufacturer's instructions of LED transparent screen are unreliable, so the most direct way is to remove the outer skin and count the number of wire cores inside! The module with 15, 17, 19 cores or even 20, 30 multi-core wires should be no worse than the module with 14, 11 cores, and vice versa.

4. Bulb temperature. After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED bulb with your hand. If the temperature is very high or even hot, it will not be as stable as if the temperature is low.

5. Solder joint quality. Full solder joints prove that the welding process is good, and high brightness proves that the solder is good; The serious problem is faulty welding, which is prone to poor contact and troublesome subsequent maintenance.

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6. Mode de la lampe à collage de l'écran transparent à LED: À l'heure actuelle, il existe deux méthodes de production d'écran transparent LED, l'une est émettrice de lumière positive et l'autre émettant la lumière latérale. Bien que la perméabilité de l'émission de la lumière latérale soit relativement élevée, la technologie d'emballage des perles de lampe doit être testée par le marché et la perle de lampe d'émission de lumière positive adopte la perle de lampe de l'écran d'affichage LED traditionnel. Après le test du marché, la qualité est très stable.

7. Épaisseur de PCB Si la lumière émettant de la carte PCB est relativement épaisse, elle affectera la perméabilité de l'écran transparent LED.





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